Shared healing

Shared Healing

Wednesday morning, sitting in the living room, getting ready for the group meeting – this time an online one. I ask for information. something I do every now and then, sitting down and writing Knowledge that comes through me which I bring to the groups I accompany. I ask: what’s going on in our world? And the answer comes so quickly, as if they were “waiting” for me to just take time to listen, write, move on …

“Just as an illness accelerates an introspection, causes us to gather our powers, to embark on a physical, mental and spiritual developmental journey, so is this ‘disease’, as it is called in your words. You call it an enemy, a disease, a virus that needs to be learned and overcome. That’s what it looks like through your eyes and it understandable. every day you report on people who die and so fear grows. You have no control over developments, the virus spreads seemingly without any  order or laws that you know of in this earthly  dimension. There are other rules and you try to find them. You try to find them with the tools you have in the earth dimension. But it requires other tools as well. Tools of unity, of higher consciousness that understands the laws of the universe.

You needed an “illness” in order to stop, to make the leap you have been avoiding for too long in living in the spell of your life. Living within the reality you have created, you did not stop to understand the essence of co-creation. You do not understand the delicate fabric of existence that you are a part of, you got lost.

What happens now is not a punishment or anything that belongs to these words, it is just a mirror reflecting truth, it is facing truth  as painful and difficult as it may be.

And all that happens now invites a leap.

It invites you to a place where you will feel, will calibrate at your DNA level, your connection to a wide space, the shared breath of the universe, the co-creation.

This is the next stage of humanity, and it requires at the same time both  inner strength and humility . It requires an understanding of the laws of the universe that are related to unity, synchronicity, love, giving, responsibility, the freedom to make anew and create.  

So after this introduction

This message is for you.

You are loved and cherished, you are part of an endless journey of souls, of the development and decay of birth and death, of construction and destruction, of growth and waning. See yourself as part of an endless journey. And now there is this journey that comes to help you make a leap.

with love.

Take a moment to just feel it … the endless, timeless journey …  that is you and see your coping with things now as a  required developmental and ask yourself, each one inside – what is my developmental stage at this time … what is this going to empower in me? What did it come to develop in me? So that I can go back to my center, to my connection to the source which is beyond all the conditioning, patterns, defenses, the personas that I  built for myself, so that I can go through this crisis and grow.

How do we return from this place to a place of unity, how do we learn, support, strengthen and build the personal and collective immune system.

Healing right now can only happen together, it belongs to us all. . Each one of us will make his own way and together we will create a new consciousness, collaborative, healing, strengthening, and peace creating. Peace and connection.

The virus is not your enemy even though at the earth level it seems so as it hits, it kills, it puts you in isolation, it forces you to go inside.

On a spiritual level, the virus too has a soul and is on a mission. It harms your lungs,  the place of breath,  the place of your connection to the soul, in order to stimulate you towards a personal journey of connection. It has a mission on your planet: The connection to your soul and its journey.

It’s not easy to hear this, but this is your first step in connecting to a higher plane, to understanding unity and that every creature in  world dimension has a role.

There are no mistakes, no bugs, but there is not always the right  . perspective. It has to do with the level of consciousness, it has to do with the perceivable spectrum of each person.

After a while I try to connect with the Corona consciousness, and this is what comes:

The corona consciousness is not high, it is like a server, like a servant, like a street cleaner, it has a consciousness of cleansing. It knows how to do only what it knows how to do. This is its way of life. It is like a “hardworking ant.” It needs moisture, it needs a door in order to get in.

So I ask: If it does its thing, what else are we left to do?

First and foremost, accept. Accept this reality and find what the lesson is, what you can do to strengthen your personal immune system and that of the universe you are a part of. Everyday afresh seek to clean up what you can at all levels – physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual (I will write about this separately below) and connect to a space dimension of light.

Every day anew ask yourself what it is that you need to cleanse today, in your space, inside you, in your relationships. What it is that you need to complete, forgive, and seek a connection with the light.

The light needs a place within you.

The corona does not touch children as much because they are  are full of light, they are cleaner.

Let us clean our space using all the tools we have, and get connected to the high consciousness, from where we can connect to the energy of light. Let us learn how to work with our light-bodies.

With  love