Anita Maghnezi

I have recently completed the first course of Widefulness with Ifat Eckstein and wish to share with you my experience.

The Widefulness course has opened for me new, exciting and clear connections between body, soul and spirit into a living multidimensional field of possibilities and healing. It has given me a clearer understanding and inner map, allowing me to integrate several fields of work and exploration into one holistic view. 

In addition to the knowledge we received, we were also able to work on an experiential level beginning to connect through the chakras to our own inner experience. This experiential work was also for me an integrative process which brought years of inner work to a new level of completion and wholeness.

 Ifat is a very gifted and capable healer, guide and teacher, she naturally creates a loving, safe space which allows and contains deep meaningful inner processes.

I highly recommend her course.


My name is Anita Maghnezi. I am a Focusing oriented therapist, Anthroposophical art therapist and Reiki practitioner.  In addition, I work in recovery center and have my own clinic.

כותרת גדולה מעניינת וייחודית