Accessibility Statement

Wideness website accessibility

We at widefulness consider it of utmost importance to provide equal service to all of our customers, including website surfers, and therefore our company invests a lot of effort and resources in order to make the company’s website accessible.

As part of these efforts, accessibility components were implemented on the site, including:

Normality – the site is optimized for viewing and supported by the common browsers.

Content – The content of the website is written in a simple and clear way. The content on the site is divided into several content levels where each content level is divided into different topics.

Links – the links on the site are accessed in a way that they can be identified.

Images – use of alternative text for images.

Design – adapted designs for surfers with visual impairments have been implemented on the site.

The structure of the site – the structure of the site is based on convenient and clear navigation and information menus built using lists to enable simple and quick orientation on the site.

Accessibility menu – an accessibility menu has been installed on the site. Clicking on the menu opens the accessibility buttons.

The options in the accessibility menu:

  • Controlling the font size on the site.
  • Choosing a color contrast based on a dark or light background.
  • Choice of display adjustment for colorblind people.
  • Highlight links.
    Change font to readable font.
  • Closing the accessibility component.

For your convenience, an explanation of how to browse the site using a keyboard:

For the purpose of enlarging the display on the site – the display on the site can be enlarged by simultaneously pressing the “Ctrl” and “+” keys. To reduce the display, press the “Ctrl” and “-” keys. It is also possible to change the size of the fonts on the site by clicking on the increase/decrease font buttons found in the accessibility menu.

For the purpose of operating the site using a keyboard – surfers who have difficulty operating a mouse can surf the site using a keyboard. Pressing the Tab key will move between the various links on the page and pressing the Enter key will activate the highlighted link.

Disclaimer for accessibility

It is important for us to note that despite the efforts we invest to make all the pages on the site accessible, it is possible that parts of the site that are not yet accessible will be discovered (whether they originate from other sites and/or due to technological limitations). As part of our commitment to allow the use of our company’s website for all our customers, including people with disabilities, we continue our efforts to preserve and improve the level of accessibility on the website as much as possible, from the point of view of equal rights and equal opportunities for all surfers.

Contact us

If, despite our best efforts, you encountered a difficulty, we will be happy to receive any response, idea and suggestion regarding accessibility via the contact form on the website. So that we can handle the problem in the best way, please include as many complete details as possible:

Description of the problem you encountered.
What is the action you were trying to perform?
What page did you browse?
What browser did you use?

We will handle the problem and get back to you as soon as possible with details on how to handle it.

We will be happy to be at your disposal by phone 054-4870501

and by email [email protected]

Publication of information about accessibility arrangements

widefulness sees great importance in providing an equal service to all its customers and in improving the service for customers with disabilities. To this end, our organization works and promotes the issue of accessibility.

We consider customers with disabilities to be customers with equal rights, who are entitled to enjoy full accessibility to the company’s properties and services. If you have questions, suggestions for improvement, we will be happy to receive your request and help.


For any question or interest, you can contact us by email: [email protected]

We will also be happy to be at your disposal by phone: 054-4870501

We will be happy to receive inquiries for information and/or suggestions for improvement in order to improve customer service.

The accessibility coordinator, Yifat 054-4870501

The accessibility statement was updated on: January 31, 2024