A 2 hour webinar presented by Ifat Eckstein through The International Focusing Institute, November 2018.

The ability to hold the wholeness of ourselves and our lives can be evasive, appearing from time to time but mostly escaping us. On my journey, I try to find ways to bring back the innate sense of wholeness held within us. I call this widefulness. Wholeness is an inner place where we can accept ourselves fully, acknowledge our infinite journey and our connectedness to the wider whole. And the wider whole is nourished by our unique presence.


 Most of the time we don’t feel an inherent part of all this, not fully seeing ourselves, not fully capturing what we are part of. There are many reasons for this and they leave us feeling fragmented, lacking, incomplete and lonely. In this experiential Webinar, we will try to have new eyes. Through Focusing and the ancient map of the Chakras, we will build together a wider perspective. In this way, perhaps for a moment we will capture the whole, opening up to our widefulness.

 If you would like access to this webinar, please  make a small donation to The International Focusing Institute here, and specify this donation  for “Ifat Eckstein’s Webinar,” and a password will be sent to you by email.