While healing and medicine are both connected to health, they work in different ways and at difference levels. When we deepen our understanding and practice of healing, we enhance our wellbeing and open new opportunities to help ourselves in times of difficulty. Healing is a way of life, it is a way of being that brings awareness, deep listening and caring to our very existence.

In this course, we will define the differences between healing and medicine, and explore our innate ability to heal. By making a crossing between Focusing, ancient knowledge and contemporary science, a new map can emerge to expand our natural healing ability. Reawakening access to the multiple levels and dimensions of wisdom held within, we will build new ways to empower ourselves and become active participants and healers of our lives.


Online course including:  meditations, lectures, experiential exercises and Focusing in pairs.

5 x 2 hour meetings on Zoom

Once every 2 weeks

Participants will receive written material and home practice

The Sessions

1st session:

We will build a map of our levels of consciousness by using the ancient Chakra map.

Each of the participants will be invited to choose something in his/her life that is calling for healing.

2nd session:

We will connect to our personal ‘healing bag’ and learn how to use it.

3rd session:

We will explore working with the heart consciousness.

 Participants will be required to bring something from nature that represents unconditional love for them

4th session:

We will explore working with the creative consciousness and deepen our understanding of how we create and impact our lives.

5th session:

We are part of nature, part of the universe. How can this connection sustain us?


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